People Biking Near Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Activities

Bike Around the City | Activities in San Francisco

San Francisco Biking is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon during your stay at our San Francisco Hotel.

If you’re looking for Activities in San Francisco then consider exploring the City by bike. You don’t have to bring your own as there are many places to rent a bike near our San Francisco Hotel.

About Biking Around the City:
Gorgeous Bay weather, charming historic neighborhoods, and iconic Attractions are just a few of the reasons biking around the City is such a popular Activity in San Francisco. When guests at our San Francisco Hotel are looking for Things to Do, we often suggest renting a bike and exploring.

Several companies offer both bike rentals and tours. Some even have electric bikes if you’d like to enjoy San Francisco Biking with little effort. Both guided and self-guided tours are available, or you can just roam aimlessly by Victorian architecture and through City parks.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular destination for anyone enjoying this Activity in San Francisco. You can take in the amazing views as you bike across this iconic San Francisco Attraction. Guided Golden Gate Bike Tours are available, or you can opt for a self-guided tour.

Our San Francisco Hotel is conveniently located, so our guests will have easy access to San Francisco Biking and other outdoor Activities in San Francisco. Some of the companies that offer Bike rentals and tours are:

  • Bike & Roll – Tel: 415.229.2000
  • Bay City Bikes – Tel: 415.346.2453
  • Blazing Saddles – Tel: 415.202.8888
  • Bike & View – Tel: 415.563.8616
  • Golden Gate Tours & Bike Rental – Tel: 415.922.4537

Consider this Activity in San Francisco during your next stay at Hotel Union Square. View our San Francisco Attractions Guide to learn about some of the things you might see as you go biking around this beautiful City.

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Bike Around the City

If you’re looking for Activities in San Francisco then consider exploring the City by bike. You don’t have to bring your own as there are many places... Read more >

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